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Originally Posted by SRT8 View Post
Yea its kinda crazy, i live in CA and i have never seen a residential yard ever mowed with a 36" or bigger mower.....ever!!!
You would be surprised at the massive lawns that are mowed with 21" mowers. Some of these are huge mansions and they will have 3 guys mowing for hours at a time. IMO, a huge lawn mowed with a 21" looks ugly.

But the majority of lawns are small so i understand why most wouldnt have a trailer.
I had lawn business in Simi Valley/ Thousand Oaks area in the early 1990s. I used a van and it worked out well. I miss the days of cutting everything with a 21" mower. My expenses were next to nothing.

I do much nicer homes her in Bamaland, but bigger mowers and bigger trucks add up real fast, I mean real fast.

Theft in California is out of control, a trailer would be stolen before you knew what happened, not to mention the lots are real small and parking is a problem.

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