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Originally Posted by WilsonBoud View Post
Hi Y'all, I sit here and wonder. Just how official are the hours on a mower clock.

Being a very new Cheetah owner (I took delivery five days ago), Love the mower.

When the mower was delivered at 9AM last Monday, my property was dry (lots of rain lately), so I cut the yard. Because it was the very first time, I noted the time I started (12:10 PM), I cut as fast as I could: 1) to see how fast I could cut my yard 3'5 acres. and 2) to see just how good the cut would be.

I finished at exactly 2PM. I cut my yard in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Surprise..surprise... it usually took over 4 hours. WOW was I happy.

SO, I cut the grass again today. With all the rain we have been having, the grass is growing fast. I failed to notice the time I started cutting. Then I thought.... The hour clock on the unit should tell me how long it took to cut grass. After all. the unit came with zero hours on the clock upon delivery.

So, when I finished cutting I noticed the hours on the clock read "2.7" hours. Well that can't be right. I should have 1 hour and 50 minutes from the first cut. The second cut (today's cut) was conducted slower than the first, so I feel sure it took at least 2 hours plus.

SO..... I'm wondering "how accurate are these hour clocks suppose to be"...??? I feel I have a full hour missing.
If you can easily reach the wire going to the head of your spark plug, then get the Tiny Tach tachometer/hour meter and you won't be guessing anymore about how accurate the meter is. This is what I bought after taking delivery of my Hustler.
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