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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
The Dixon is the same as the Husky just badged diff & diff engine option.

Do you mind if I ask what the width at widest point of your 33" Snapper is? Also if you have had a bagger on it & how easy/difficult it would be to remove the chute for bagger.
Some Dixons and Huskys did look similar, as did their website....I'm not surprised.

Our Snapper rider is actually on of their rear engine riding mowers, steering wheel and gear shift. I don't have the model number with me so I can't give you the dimensions of that particular model, but the new 33'' version of the rider is 37'' wide. This probably includes the chute in the 'down' position.

The 150Z is 38'' wide, again, probably with the chute down. I didn't read back in the thread so I don't know if you have 36'' gates, but it would be a REALLY tight squeeze.

I assume you mean for the bagger chute, the plastic tube that directs the clippings up into the bags. I assume what you intend to do is leave the bagger assembly minus the chute on the mower to quickly change between bagging and discharging? Well, it is simply the mounting bracket that goes on the deck (attaches with 1 wing nut and slides under a part on the discharge chute) and the tube. Probably takes 1 minute to remove if you get good at it.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any other questions!
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