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Years ago--a saleswoman came into or Tru Green branch office and tried to sell us premiums with the company name to hand out. The manager ended up buying 1000 plastic rain gauges with the Tru Green name and logo for those who wanted an estimate. I am not sure how effective it was. We grew a lot that year, but did not reorder next year. Perhaps because we were so late in paying for our order.

My wife cuts coupons out of the paper every week. She saves a lot--and in so doing we buy a lot of stuff we didn't know we needed. She also prints out online coupons and special deals. Kohl's discount coupons etc.

I am NOT suggesting that you should associate yourself with a failing business--or--a business that provides poor service. Rather the concept lends itself only to local businesses that are seeking customers in your own geographical area. Half-price pre-season lawn mower tuneup for instance.

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