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Originally Posted by mowZ06 View Post
Bad advice here. You do not want to go out and get a 40k loan. Now if you were to buy out some one elses business with signed contracts I could justify a small loan. Start small and grow. I started with an old chevy full size and one very old 48 JD walk behind years ago. Count me in on one of those dime a dozen 5k guys
x2. I posted on here a while back about start up equipment and got bashed for my suggestions...LOL. If you can afford all commercial gear up front, by all means do that. I started with Residential equipment and am slowly building up.

I agree with the poster that suggested new trimmers and Blowers, and used mowers. You can get a new Stihl trimmer, Edger, and Blower for under 1300 bucks, and that will minimize your downtime. I only suggested stihl as an example, pick you brand of choice. All three of those units will be commercial grade, and get your CORE equipment set up new and ready to run! Then buy a poulan pro 33 cc trimmer with the split shaft....and DONT LAUGH YALL..this works. By the edger attachment and blower attachment and any other attachments that go on clearance each fall (like the hedge trimmer, tiller, blower attachemnt, pole saw, etc). This 200 dollar piece of gear is your BACK UP for all three of your core units (EDGER, TRIMMER, BLOWER). If one of those units goes down, you can use the cheap poulan prol to keep going while the down piece of equipment is being repaired. Not too mention, that poulan pro has made me a decent amount of money with the chain saw arm attachment doing minor tree trimming for customers!

If all you are doing is small residential lots, then the next thing I would look at would be a Honda HRC or Exmark 30. the Honda runs about 1300 an the exmark is a bit more pricey around the 1900 mark. Exmark offers 4 years at 0 percent on the exmark machine, so that monthly payment would only run 40 bucks a month. IF you are going to finance anything, that is where I would start..because the 40 bucks isn't too hard to come by if the mowing is slow. Pay cash for a truck, and if you have to, use a set of ramps until the trailer can be purchased.

Ive been trying to build my equipment over the last two years, and its TOUGH! I do this as a side business, so my lawn cutting efforts are slowing going towards buying new/upgraded equipment. You really need to take a long hard look at what type of properites are in your area so you can decide which mower/mowers will best suit you starting out. However, the Edger trimmer and blower will be useful on most yards. Last tip..GET A BACKPACK blower....they are so versatile. I used a blower attachment for a weed eater for 2 years thinking I didn't need the back pack. I was WAY wrong on that one...LOL. the backpack has assisted in many ways, and you wont regret it in the long run. IF you can afford all commercial gear, great! if not, you may have to start with some resi gear, or look for used on craiglist.

Hope this info helps.
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