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Originally Posted by Breezmister View Post
I have been looking into replacing the spindles on the Lesco WB because I can no longer get the parts to rebuild them and the Scag spindles seem to fit the bill. They are different from the ones you need, they only have a 1 inch shaft and take the same bolt. Here is a link to what Stens sells in your size, a little more info.....

As long as the height and shaft size are correct I'd go for it. Only Stens is out there on their price as well......
Yes that one can be modified to work and I can get it all day at around $50. The exact fit one is scag p/n= 461776 but I can't find aftermarket for it. It is the zcat spindles

Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
the issue with the 36'' RH spindles is that they are not a through bolt design, nor can you use a through-bolt spindle due to the deck cover. if you find an aftermarket spindle that isn't of the through-bolt design you'd be good. I tried to find one but didn't have much luck
I am running a scag spindle and bolt goes thru and it works....well it is worn out. I just thought I could find an exact aftermarket luck $195 for the wright ones is out of the question since you can't grease them.
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