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doug,I did this for a little while for a company & just wasnt for me because they were few & far between...there are a lot of discusions on here about this...I allways went through e-mail with company I worked for with pic's & stuf like that but its been a while now so I'm sure things have changed as far as software...go to your local banks & credit unions in your area first & have several copies of your insurance's: liability/comp/ etc; & they might want you to have more..but sit & talk to them & explain what you do & what area's you can cover..& that you would like to do this service for them & leave your contact info etc, with them...also check with the realators in your area as well & do the same...then you have cut out the middle man...the real money is in the repairs & it sounds like in your area there is a need for that..the banks get fined for not being up to code so thats another service you can provide for them if you do that sort of stuf..or you can possibly sub it out too...go here: & take your time with it cuz it has a lot of info on this type of work...& has a thing about software on there too...
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