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Originally Posted by hosejockey2002 View Post
The Mitsubishi will have a way better turning radius, likely better payload (lower curb weight vs. GVWR) and maybe a little better mpg. The Ram will have much more power, be more comfortable to climb into and drive and have much better towing capability.
While this is true on the reg cab it isn't on the crew cab. The 16k gvw Ram crew cab has a 49.2 ft turning radius The Mitsubishi 16k gvw crew cab has a turning radius of 49.5 ft. Now the mpg will vary by the gear ratios and whether its 4wd or 2wd all things being equal my 2011 2wd ram 4500 gets 2-4 mpg better mileage that her 2012 twin sister with 4wd.
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