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New Tiger owner here. I'm a single property owner/mower like you.
I used a Scag Wildcat for 8 years, & decided to upgrade for the improved deck (and because I like new machinery).
I opted for the 29 Kohler because the 27 Kohler on my Wildcat was flawless for 8 years. I don't feel the 29 is underpowered at all, even in tall wet roughage like I've been mowing the past month.

I did like the suspension on the Cheetah, but to me there is a heck of a lot more to go wrong on that machine. The big generous hydro system on the Tiger sold me. I own a business that runs the hell out of Front End loaders & forklifts 6 days a week, so I'm pretty well versed in equipment.

I want a machine that will last long into my retirement, & then some.
I firmly believe the Tiger will do that.

My 3 acres has some nice lawn, lots of trees & beds to mow around, a few steep area, and quite a bit of rough stuff. The Tiger handles it all very comfortable, & goes plenty fast for me.

It will also dig one heck of a divot if you get reckless when the ground's soft
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