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Originally Posted by JohnsonLawnTreatment View Post
Lawns are Irrigated on all but about 12.
Lawns looked yellow (a little brownish in some areas). I only did a soil test on my lawn as I know what my lawn has been through in the past unlike majority of my clients (long term) and the Soil pH did not change.

I would say growth is about the same as it would be normally. Hard to say with no real side by side. I have done everything the bottle says on Fescue grass. No am not mowing every two weeks I have a program that is usually every week in the area I am at.

I know the Organics is slow going but my clients are complaining about the growth and color so I am going to have to switch out of it and get something to speed up growth before we get our normal 2 week drought like always.

Just disappointed in results and should have not changed from my routine. I feel like the change may have cost me a few new clients that I got this year. Will only be able to tell at renewal time (hopefully they give me the rest of this year to turn things around)
Your description is not enough information to go on. Lawns looked yellow (a little brownish in some areas) could be disease problems due to this year's weather. Have you identified any diseases?

Soil test will tell you more than pH and should be done at least once on each lawn to give you a baseline for nutrients and pH. Random samples every 3 years to keep on track.

Is the growth the same or less? You say both. Pushing growth at this time of year is the worst thing you could do.

Need more information to understand what is happening to your lawns and why. Organics do take time to work and one or two applications will not perform miracles. What applications of which product(s) have you made this year? What was your program last year?
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