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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post

Went May through June with so much rain, we were surplus 14 inches from historical average. Flooding everywhere, farmers could not get crops in. Mowing waterlogged lawns constantly.

Now, 2 weeks with only 2 tenths inch of rain, none in sight. Lawns burning up.
Will have to start a 10-14 day schedule starting next week on some lawns I'm afraid. What a load of bull.
I do not require a contract, but my quoted low-ish price is based on a set schedule throughout the year....if they don't like the schedule, and don't agree to it in advance, then they have to pay more per visit. Almost all choose the cheaper route, which pins them down to weekly mowing from exceptions. After that it's 3 mowings in Oct, two in November and one each for Dec, Jan and Feb...(possibly more if lots of leaves) March is 2 mowings. If they complain about the yard not needing it during the winter I can trim shrubs or do some other service (not necessarily for the same price) but the key is we do make a trip to their house according to schedule. And as I said, I do not make my customers sign a contract -- I take the risk on someone bailing on me but if they want to keep my wonderfully-reliable and professional services at a low-ish rate then they'll do it my way....if not they'll pay more or have to look elsewhere. This way my income does not completely fall off in the winter, yet my customers lawns always stay kept up relatively inexpensively and without a contract...(which many people like)

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