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Originally Posted by t608 View Post
How much business do you get from your website. I'm in the middle of building mine and I just asked myself, how much business will I really get from my website.

So how much business have you received and how long did you have a website?
Little to none comes directly from website. It comes from marketing directing people to the website. That could be anything from flyers, to truck lettering, to billboards, and even the online ad companies like yahoo, google, and the thousand others. The exception is the tagging that will place your website during searches.

What a website does is gives a business credibility. A good website speaks for your work to a degree, same as keeping your truck clean and maintained, etc. A bad website, well you almost would be better off with none at all. If you are going to have a website and internet presence you need to go all in. Another thing to consider is that you need to keep it fresh and updated and there is a cost to this. Too many times you can go on a competitors website and view their spring special from 2010, etc.
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