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Originally Posted by derek1ross View Post
I got got into a Hydro John Deere today. It is a 1997 445 with a 60" deck. It is about 600 hours and in beautiful shape to say the least. Nothing seems to function improperly but I ran it with the mower for the first time for about 35 minutes today. After I was done i was just checking it out a bi and put my hand on the hydro transmission cover on the back of the tractor and it was too hot to touch at all. being not familiar with a JD hydro, I am not sure if this is the norm or not. It seems a bit excessive but again nothing slips or operates improperly so I am not sure. the fluid in the trans is clear as a bell. I just do not want to hurt anything if something may be wrong...
Any time hydraulic fluid is being forced back and forth through valves like that it is going to get warm to hot to the touch. I've owned a couple 445's and a ton of other Deere machines. They all get hot to the touch after running them for very long, and the CUT's really get the fluid hot if you are using a FEL very much.
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