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I think I've decided that the grass gods just don't want me to have a nice short green lawn..... either that or there is something I'm just not getting. My cutting frequency has definitely been increased… I'm cutting two times sometimes three times a week, and we've had a lot of rain lately - But I just can't seem to get the blade greener towards the bottom of the blade. I'm wondering if I should just go back to my rotary mower… And just cut the grass a little higher. I really like the nice short, tight look - But I think I like it longer and greener as opposed to shorter with brown spots all over the place.....arggghhhhhhhh.

To think just a summer ago I had this everyday......little longer but hard to complain:

Fast forward to this year and I decided want a putting green look so I'm using a buddy's reel mower and all of a sudden I am the CEO of Scalp City, Inc.


After today's cut:


On a slightly more positive note....I got tired of looking at my awful bed and saw some wall stones on saw at lowes for about $1.50 a I needed about 65 so it ran me about $105 and a a few hours to get them down....just need to backfill and plant a couple Globosa Nana's and some full sun colorful begonias and I think an elevated bed will look good.




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