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I hate blowing smoke and bashing other product. I had a guy tell me today a factory rep told him their spindle bearings last 5000 obviously all brands out have something to offer or they wouldnt be in business and selling things. I show them the positives of mine and teach them to buy a dealer instead of the product as much. If i was still in the biz the way i would shop would be to point at like 5 parts i see i might need tomorrow and tell them i want to buy for back up. You would be surprised at how many dealers will come back empty handed and say oh we will order that for you and have it by next week. "Thank you sir looks like i will go to next dealer!"
How about a salesperson that personally gives you a cell phone number, then handles all your parts, warranty claims, issues, for the life of that piece of equipment. A salesman you can swing by his house on weekend to grab a part you need, or grab one of many demoes they have when ur mower goes down, if they didnt have part grab aa wrench and rob off a new mower, etc. Welcome to my world, best salesman were people in the biz that were burned by their dealers, i am a prime example. Is it crazy for a shop to get $100 tips several times during the week, even the mechanics get tips like that? We turned from selling equipment out of the house 6 years ago to being one of the largest volume mower dealers in the industry by simply using that philosophy. I am the owner/salesman/parts department/warranty department, and it is paying out big time for us and customers. Some guys get pissy cause im overly busy, but most

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