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Originally Posted by sildoc View Post
Never really had the problem. We had modified blades for ours with super high lift wings welded on them.
Although thinking on it when we used the mulch blade with the bag on we did have a strip of cut grass left on the left side. For that we made sure the plastic chute was seated right and cleaned the bag. I also think that is when we upped the rpm on the kawi engine a bit.
Sorry been a long time since we had those problems.

What are you cutting?? could be the difference as we cut mainly Rye grass and some Fescue.
Most of the lawns here are a mix of whatever was on sale at the hardware store multiplied with a very overzealous mix of nitrogen. Most lawns have to be bagged. Were the hilift wings custom made or purchased. How well does the plastic chute work, I still haven't bought one. The 30 so far has completely replaced the 26 but I will be keeping it for backup and want it at its best. As for super lawn, I don't recall ever seeing their rigs but, I run a real tight mowing route.
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