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Originally Posted by greenskeeper44 View Post
Problem with digging out is that it's impossible to get all the roots and rhizomes which it will quickly reproduce from
I've never had a problem getting it all dug out other than the fact that the medium to large clumps are usually firmly entrenched so it takes some work. A 3 pronged cast iron claw with a 16-18" handle makes it easiest. We also have an A.M.Leonard soil knife on each ride on.

My biggest problem is that many lawns just have too many clumps to make digging practical.

The advantage we do have with warm season turf is that once the clump is removed, the turf fills in fairly quickly if mowed and fertilized regularly. No seeding or sodding necessary.

I will experiment with the Celsius/Revolver/ Certainty Mix in my pasture but I really don't have much faith in it to be honest.

I used Celsius/Revolver on some last year with only stunting of growth as a result. However, we did have the worst drought in 30 yrs last year so I am willing to try it again plus the Certainty.
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