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Animosity toward customers

I'm always surprised by the negative attitude toward customers. I know, it's hot out and it's hard work and we're tired but I still don't get it. I actually like my customers. They're good people and friendly for the most part. I have a few PITAs but I don't let them get to me. If I didn't want their $ I'd have already parted ways.

And that's another thing. I'm amazed at how quickly some people want to get rid of clients who annoy them at all. I guess I could see it if you have too much business and need to get rid of some anyway, but that can't possibly be such a widespread problem. Granted, there are some people who just aren't worth the hassle but they're such a small number.

I know there are others here who enjoy going out most days to do the best job possible and will go out of their way to help others out. I just don't read much about that on here and I guess it surprises me.

I keep my roster around 45 customers so I'm not nearly the size of most of you. But I actually like it when one calls or comes out to tell me they're having people over on a certain day and want it to look good. I'm glad I can help them out. After all, that's why they hired me. And I like being a small part of their special day. And it's more $ too. Most of my clients live within 1/2 mile of me so I know them a little. I saw in Saturday's paper where the N's kid applied for a marriage license. So you know I'm dropping a note in their invoice at the end of the month telling them congratulations and to make sure and let me know when any festivities will be taking place and I'll make sure it looks good.
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