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Originally Posted by Victorsaur View Post

Check phosphorous and calcium. My so called broad ranging statement was really just pointing out that your broad ranging statement was invalid because the soil in my area is actually low in P.

Not only this article but volunteers at the local cooperative extension which gives free soil tests also state most soils around here are lacking in P. And there is the physical evidence which I have provided.
BTW ... since you apparently feel it is appropriate to use the above as guides for your fertilizer program, ...... from your link since you apparently missed it.
A soil test is the only way to determine if phosphorus, potassium, calcium, or magnesium must be added or if a pH adjustment is needed. Without a soil test, any application of fertilizer could be detrimental to the landscape. Over application or application of unneeded materials could result in salt injury to plants, cause nutrient imbalances unsuitable for plant growth, and is environmentally unsound.

What does the above mean? Fertilizer need is determined on a site by site basis.
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