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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I have a 223L and have run the Super Twist line on it. While the cut is impressive, the line will slightly bog down the 223L, so I went back to Echo Crossfire on it. It didn't damage my guard at all, but I didn't use it for more than a spool or two before realizing it was a bit too much line for the 223. I have the .105" as well. It is impressive line for sure, but you need enough HP to run it. My FS90 and FS250 will pull it fine.

BTW- the .105" line is the exact same diameter as all my .095" lines for some reason, so that was partly why I picked it up, the other reason being they didn't have any other sizes when I fianlly found some at a dealer. The .095" should be slightly thinner and the 223 might pull it ok.
I'm going to try the .095" line in my 223L and I'll give you a full report on how it does when I'm done. That's odd that the .105" line you had was the same diameter...

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