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I first read of this issue for the first time here on LawnSite some three months ago. I mentioned it to my Cheetah dealer, and my Stihl dealer. They both concur with the process. So I'm trying it.

BUT, do I soak the line for 24 hours before using, or do I just drop the contents of the line in water and forget about it until I need another twenty foot piece to re-spool the trimmer.

I used some unknown string (from Lowe's) for several years. I though it was a good idea buying a five pound package of this stuff. I quickly discovered the poor quality when I found my self bumping the trimmer "every few feet" (I trim 1450 feet every time I cut grass, no roundup).

Well, I finally used up all that awful string (five pounds of it), and am using my first spool of Maruyama M FORCE EDGE premium string. I find myself bumping the trimmer head far less often (that's a good thing right...???).

I discovered this Maruyama string while searching & reading this site about the ultimate string. So, I went out and purchased a half-pound package. I also have a one-pound package of Oregon Magnum Gator line (super twist) waiting to be used.

I have thought about using the two lines intermittenly throughout the summer until the M Force line is used up. That would give my quick info about which one is serving me best.

Any thoughts on this matter ...???

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