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I think I counted 23 or 25 people this spring. Right now we're at 19 (6 crews), five days a week. I am no longer in the field, which has been very difficult for me to get used to because I'm not the strongest office person. As with the field, I was doing too much in the office and that was then an issue. I now run design/build and I have two maintenance managers who sell/schedule/invoice the maintenance side of the company, which has taken a big weight off of my shoulders. That happened because they came to me and said "we can do a better job than you". I had to bite my tongue a bit but they were right and doing a great job, which has allowed me to be better at design/build. I was about your age when I started, very ambitious and knew everything......maybe I did The sooner I realized I didn't and took an honest look at myself, l grew. You'll see the problems, then it's fixing them. My operations manager is off this week on vacation and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed running the International this morning.
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