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Originally Posted by Michael J. Donovan View Post
I just checked and everything is fine with your, I just sent you a private message to make sure. please respond so I know

Thanks Michael, I got your PM. HustlerMidwest told me that when he tried to send me a PM, it was rejected.

Btw, something strange has been happening. I don't know if you wish to look into it, but I have replied to posts in the Hustler forum and then I get the (normal) message that it first need to be accepted by the moderator. HustlerMidwest (the moderator) accept the message and even replies to it, but only his reply shows up, my message is missing. It has happened with two messages a few days ago. And it has also happened at least 5-6 times since I joined lawnsite.

HustlerMidwest said that he doesn't know why my messages end up being deleted.

Thanks for everything.
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