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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
I have a client that we now take care off. 4 columes with caps which have 6 inch LED lights under each wall. Each colume has what I would call a sitting wall between the two of them so 4 total with firepit in middle.

Well they called today and they have one light working which is closest to the transformer and outlet. I did take the caps off which were heavy and see the wires that go down and look to go under either the paver patio or the outside uder the sod.

So question how do I check it things work? I see no traces of little critters, no pets, they say its been three years now and until the other night they lost 3 of the 4 lights??
Has anybody been digging in the area where the cable might be running? Edgers are notorious for taking out wiring when the installer fails to bury the cable deep enough (which usually is the case)

Alan gave you good advice. If it's not a physical break in the main cable, you probably have a weak connection at light number 2 which is impeding voltage to the lights down the line. Dig'em up and check- if the connection is not in the column (which I assume it's not), then it is probably just outside of the base of the column where the main cable runs.

This isn't that hard, you can do this with a little time and troubleshooting. If you don't have a volt meter, just redo the connection at light #2 and see if that fixes the issue. (you'll know if the lights come on- pretty simple) Just use a very good, water proof connection when you repair it.

If you do all this and still have no light, then you either have a break in the main cable between 1 and 2, or you have some LED's that are toast (not probable), but nothing is out of the realm of possibility if they have had a recent lightning strike or a whopper of a power surge.

Good Luck!

Tim Ryan
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