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I'm really not sure why you keep implying that I don't test soil when I've already told you that my information is based on multiple soil tests from the local Master Gardener cooperative extension. Can we stay on topic Kiril?

My point is this: Phosphorous is a viable, valuable fertilizer to apply. It is severely lacking in certain soils in certain parts of the world. Also, when it is correctly applied it is generally not a danger. I've provided evidence to support the first claim and trust what those employed by the state have informed me of enough to say the second.

From my point of view, you point is that phosphorous is such a dangerous fertilizer to apply that nobody should apply it, correct?

My response to your point was that whether this statement is accurate or not, people will continue to apply the fertilizer because many people in this world don't care. So you being "right" won't convince people to change. If this conversation doesn't aim to find a realistic solution then what are we wasting our time for?

EDIT: Ditto what Skipster said. You are fairly condescending for not knowing very much about the topic being discussed. I'm here to educate myself and others, not to "win" an argument.
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