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Question About Labor Cost & Estimating

Right now I charge $40/hr for labor. I do $40/man/hr.

Just curious to see how many do the same or if some just set a number and $40/hr is the labor so 2 men for 1hr would be making $20. I have been doing things this way this year (per man that is) and the prices seem fair.

For instance I gave a guy an estimate the other day. He needed weeds taken care of in 5+ beds that were large in size. He also needed about 5 hedges trimmed of all sizes (1 small, 2 med, and 2 large). I estimated it would take 3 men about 3hrs. (very large lot I would post pics but I didnt take any) That's $120/hr. so $360 for labor alone plus the base $40 for hedge trimming, and the base $60 or so for all the beds. It came to $480 total in the estimate. Just curious to see how that sounds to y'all. He seemed blown out of the water. Then again, he did move here from California where there he had no grass, shrubs, beds, or anything. Rude awakening I suppose.
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