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Good post and a good positive outlook and your points! I try to do the same. And I have a very busy work life. Managing my buisiness is a challenge now a days being borderlined too busy all the time to the point where I am allways about a month or two out on scheduled landscape jobs. I have some very nice customers that treat me very well with alot of respect and I try to do the same for them and more if I can and treat them with good ethics. But I also have maybe a dozen customers that can drive me nuts sometimes or really bring me down in the dumps. Some of these types will be real rude or nasty about the little things. It's allway's the little things that they get so worked about. Or the customers that want things done now and get pissed if your not there yesterday. I just wish some customers would be nice instead of being rude. I had a customer tell me today at the end of the job " Hey you do such a good job for us, you really go above and beyond to make us happy and it show's every time you are here" I was overwhelmed it was real nice to hear a customer that went out of his way to compliment me like that. I allways do the same to people, compliment them and make them feel good and I apologize alot if I'm wrong. People say I'm too nice.
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