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I was contemplating my labor rate this week. I really thought I was doing well, average close to $50 per hour and I usually try to quote my estimates thinking that I'm going to be close to the time and make $60. Then I filled up the two tanks on my truck, bought blades and did the service on three of my machines. Bought the filters, oil, sharpened about 10 sets of blades. Bought slime for two mower tires, replaced a tire on the trailer and with the heat, rain, over growing yards, nothing went even close to what I estimated. I also burnt up a good chainsaw chain cutting up a crepe Myrtle that a crazy driver missed a turn and destroyed it in a customers yard. That is the hardest stuff I've ever cut. Makes me think I made about $10 per hour this week, so I'm going to raise my quotes in the future. It will probably mean I'll do less business, but I really feel like the old dollar a minute deal is way to low if you are going to stay in this business and maintain / replace your equipment.
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