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Originally Posted by NJgunner View Post
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I don't see any conclusive signs of disease in your picture. What disease do you think you're seeing?

A lot of guys who post here are obsessed with "fungus" and think that their lawn always has "fungus." I HATE that term! Turf diseases have specific names. If you don't know what the name is and you can't pinpoint specific symptoms, you don't have a "fungus"!

A lot of guys who post here are totally convinced that any time a lawn is not absolutely screaming green, it MUST have a fungus. Just because a lawn has brown spots, thinning, or poor color DOES NOT mean it has a "fungus"!

Learn the specific signs and symptoms of disease activity, as well as the conditions under which they form and the cultural practices you can implement that can reduce their incidence. This is the key to lawn disease management. Lots of guys would rater spray first and ask questions later. Be better than that.
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