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Townhouse, this setup is perfect for what landfakers needs for the route he uses it on. I would urge you to look around and find what suits your needs best and it probably won't be a 6cyl ranger. If you already had a ranger and were looking for ways to make it work that looks like a great setup but overall wouldn't be a wise choice to go out and buy one for this work. At 14mpg my 1/2 ton with a 5.3 V8 gets better mileage (the 4.0 rangers are great trucks but not known for great fuel economy to begin with). I'm not sure about the TBI motors but I had a 97 GMC with a vortec 350 that would get 20-21 highway and 16-17 in town with a light foot, you're probably looking at the same fuel economy as that ranger loaded and you have a half ton with the option of an 8 foot bed and the bed is wider. If you want a smaller truck look into the toyotas or Nissans, those were very underrated small trucks that got pretty good fuel economy. The Chevy S10 is pretty much even with the ranger, not overly useful with the 4 banger and doesn't get great fuel economy for a v-6. The only benefit of the 4.3 is that it is 100% identical to the legendary 350 minus 2 cylinders.
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