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Originally Posted by vencops View Post
I live near Winston Salem (NW), NC. I have a customer (ONE) who is not satisfied with the tone/color of his grass. He has a very healthy, weed-free (within his threshold) lawn. But, it's not DEEP green. I applied a winterizing fert. in early Jan./another round in March and the last round in May.

His neighbor does have VERY green grass. I'm not an agronomist. I have a license to apply chemicals, but my experience in fert. applications is something I admit to. I follow the program my supplier outlined and I do keep the pH in the proper range. I'm sure I could apply *So when you get a speeding ticket, do you beg the judge for the maximum fine? (_______) and get his color darker. But, at what cost????

My thinking is he's a little unreasonable. But, I need to speak to him, intelligently, when I speak to him. What do you guys do in a similar situation?

What kind of grass is it? Some cultivars are not as green as others. For example, there is a big difference between common and improved bermuda in terms of inherent color, as well as response to fertilizer. Some improved varieties are also different from each other as well. Fescue and KBG also have differences in color between varieties as well. Can't really say what to do unless I know what kind of grass it is.
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