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Originally Posted by DoubleClutch View Post
No there is no contracts and working for him for the rest of the season and he keeps the money as payment. I don't think so!! If he calls back and says the other guy backed out I will offer 40 percent of the total gross what can be made the rest of the season. All these clients lawns are vacation property's and are probley on a biweekly service. I don't know the price pre client but at $30 pre lawn twice a month is only $720. And we only maybe 3 1/2 months of service left this year. And comes to $2.520. Yes he is trying to get allot for nothing!!
That's absurd. You do ALL the work, he keeps ALL the money? I'd offer based on how many cuts are left for the season. That offer would simply cover his time marketing and closing the sales.
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