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Originally Posted by AI Inc View Post
Im a drip guy. Hate sprayers in beds. Against the house shooting out and too many plants get missed. Shooting in too much moisture against the house. Both ways , promote weed growth. Others will disagree.
Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
It depends. If it's a bed with very tight flowers that are replanted every year, I prefer sprays with 12" heads. When it is a bed with shrubs, bushes, trees, tall ornamental grasses, I prefer drip.
One thing to consider. With the water restrictions we have here of two days a week watering with traditional overhead watering, there are NO restrictions for drip. So drip zones for trees/shrubs/etc, can water more than two days a week if needed. Even subsurface drip for turf is non-restricted.
Agreed! Sprays have no place in landscaped beds, with exception to ground cover and/or plants that stay below the riser pop height.

IMO, Netafim TLCV SDI grid or a heavily mulched surfaced laid grid. The effectiveness and efficiency of such a system is unmatched.
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