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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I simply can't imagine this being a problem for them, especially since this deck is an " adjustable" deck that is designed to be changed for varying conditions. The fact that they brought you a fresh off the line machine and let you use it this long already seems to indicate they wouldn't have any issues. The fact that you have "fouled" the underside with grass and took the factory edge off of the blades is also an indicator that they wouldn't care. How else is one supposed to adequately demo a machine on their properties if you can't adjust it to see if it works or not?

We'll see what the rep says about this.......
The dealer is coming to pick the mower up this afternoon supposedly, it is storming so hard it would be dangerous trying to get it loaded. He said someone else wanted to give it a try. I will say one thing, if they do not clean underneath the deck and take the baffle off, the person demoing the mower will mow a few minutes, call and tell them they can come pick the mower up.

I would say it is raining this minute at the equivalency of about 3" per hr. you are unable to see for the fact it is coming down so hard.

The rep called just after I got off the phone with the dealer. He said he was going to talk with the dealer and very well may want me to run the mower again with the baffle off. He told me he was as interested as me in seeing how much difference there was with the baffle off.

The picture is showing exactly what is taking place this very minute, we are overwhelmed with water.
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