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Thanks for the review, dam shame about the wet conditions & shame you didn't have time to remove the baffles & no option for HL blades either.

I thought you would have felt a better ride with the air seat, since u didn't, im thinking the longer wheel base on the hustler would be playing the biggest part in this. Do you know the length diff? Ill look for it if u don't know. Ive never found a difference in ride quality from hustlers FFs or no flats, Im sure there is but not as considerable as a longer wheelbase.

The integrated brake is a very good feature, I will miss that, its one extra thing to do & just today there would be half a dozen times I couldn't get the brake on quick enough without rolling back. That cant be too great on the hydros, the alternative is pull the hand brake on with levers out and let the engine kill itself that way. But mostly just getting off to open a gate or pick up big sticks, so don't actually want to kill the engine!

Id say if your feeling like you have to drive the Gravely more so than the SZ, it would only be due to a different in steering dampers wouldn't you? Maybe a little less pressure in them would make it a little easier
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