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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The link you posted comes up to a cover page so I'll just take your word for it that I misread the notion that toxins affect the plant directly...

I copied this quote directly from your post "the scientists said, noting that the chemicals also would have a direct toxic effect on other plants." So I assumed you read it.
Yes, it is conjecture on my part as to the effects that the allelopathic activity against microbes,,, hence the use of the word, 'may' at the critical part of the sentence... the use of the words 'curious and interesting would also indicate the wonder on my part...
That is why I agree with you that it would be interesting to learn more about this particular example of the allelopathic phenomena...
What I don't agree with is the tone of this statement:
"Compost being contaminated is pure conjecture on your part. ..."
Its like you carry the spirit of kiril in your heart...
Just give it a break, will you?
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