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baitdragger - Yea, that is one thing I was also considering... storage. A stander of course would fit much better in my 10 x 10 shed instead of a smaller ZTR. Plus since it is a smaller footprint, I figured it would be more nimble on smaller lots. But since you are standing, being up higher may be an issue with some of the trees. I guess most just bob and weave out of the way of the branches. Another item is the weight of the machine and the stance. I guess standers do not have the rutting issues of smaller ZTR's? Or perhaps people only have issues with tire tracks when cutting wet lawns?

GMLC - That is great info, thank you. I've been trying to figure out what the 'sweet spot' is for each type of machine. And also of course, being the most productive I can be to save on trimming, gas, etc.

I'm going to swing by the dealer again today and see what they have on the floor.
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