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Originally Posted by noahb195 View Post
Nice rig. Is that an 18ft or 20ft?
its a 20' Big Tex.

Originally Posted by AmericanLawn&Landscape View Post
dang! how'd you get it out? how many mowing accts do you have? and do you own the company yourself or is it a partnership? really liking that 6.4 too! is it stock?
the mower got stuck at a farm we mow slid into one of the planter rows thats all compost so its super soft and it sank like 10 inches. the owners of the farm pulled it out for us with a kubota.

as of now we have 60 mowing accounts. only about 50% are weekly. the rest are either bi weekly or monthly.

the company is currently owned by me but will soon become a partnership with the expansion of our tree service, we just upgraded the chipper and within a month will be purchasing a bucket truck.

the 6.4 is not stock. has a cold air intake, dpf delete and egr shutoff with H&S tuner but is not turned up only used to shutoff egr and regen.
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