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Originally Posted by CTmower View Post
Well looks like my truck is headed to the shop... A few weeks ago I thought adding a quart of tranny fluid solved my problems. Well today the truck took a turn for the worst. While pulling my trailer it started shifting really rough from 1st to 2nd. Then it almost wouldn't want to shift out of 2nd unless I took my foot off the gas. Then randomly the OVERDRIVE light on the shifter starting flashing. Next thing you know the tranny temp gauge starts rising. Thank god I was on my way to drop my trailer off. Once I disconnected my trailer and started to drive away the temp went back down to normally but the truck was still shifting roughly. Pulled into my driveway and went to put it in REVERSE and the truck wouldn't move. Tried going through the gears and it would only move forward but wouldn't go back. Turned the truck off and went back out a little while later and put it in reverse and the truck went backwards fine!!! Feel like I should get ready to shell out some $$$$$$$$$$$
sounds like what happened with my dads powerstroke. it lost reverse backing out of the driveway, only would engage if you slammed on the pedal. Then it wouldn't go over like 35mph, and that was at 2500 rpms! I've been around cars my whole life; we own a junkyard. but one thing I hate is trannys! I was told a flashing overdrive light is basically like a check engine light for your transmission.. don't know if this is true or not. Wasn't really the most reliable source.
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