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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So was that what Johnson'sLawnTreatment was told when he was buying the ICT Organics juice??? Are you saying that the ICT really works as long as you are adding OM???
I find that if I'm adding adequate amounts of compost, fertilizer can't really improve it at some point...
What are the instructions(label) that promises a better lawn???

Seems like there is a void between what should be done and what people are being told can be done... just sayin'...
I have no idea what he was told when buying the product. It's possible he may have just purchased it on line without speaking with anyone. He hasn't identified which ICT product(s) he has used nor has he answered the questions that I have asked.

There are no miracle products. Any product(s) must be used wisely and as part of an entire program with proper cultural practices to provide best results.
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