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Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Hey guys, few questions.

Need my driveway recovered with gravel. My local dealer can run the #5 stone (3/4") through a "spreader" on the rear of the dump truck, but if I go for #56 stone with powder they cannot run it through the spreader, though they can use the tailgate method.

Question 1: The driveway is 8 feet or so wide and ~450 feet long. Would you prefer the guaranteed nice spread of the #5 stone through the spreader or go for the #56 with powder that helps hold the stone together, in hopes the driver skilled in spreading using the tailgate?

Issue 2: I have a 8 foot rise over a 100 foot run in the middle of the driveway that is having a mild problem with erosion (ditch has developed in one tire track around 2 feet wide and 6 inches deep). This is the only portion of the driveway that is lower than the surrounding yard, because mature trees are keeping the surrounding land in place and each pass of vehicles over the past 30 years has slowly lowered the height of the driveway. How would you recommend remedying this issue?

Build it up with larger stone 2 inches to 6 inches in diameter, then place the #5 or #56 on top?

Or bring in some truckloads of dirt, place on top of existing old gravel driveway making driveway higher than surrounding land, compact the dirt well, then spread new #5 or #56 on top of that, or would this turn into erosion **** in a few years?

Or would you recommend something else?

Here are some pics for reference.

At the crest of the hill in pic below the driveway is around 1.5 feet lower than the bottom of the trees on each side of the driveway, causing water to flow down the left tire track and subsequent erosion.

Top looking down hill:

Erosion pics:

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