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Update on my exmark 30. After celebrating for 3 days because west Texas actually got some rain, I was hoping to get back to mowing with the exmark today. Well, I went to start it up, and it was hydro locked. My first thought was I had water get into the cylinder somehow and was thinking to myself.....WTF??

So I pulled the spark plug. when the spark plug was removed, a few ounces of fuel came pouring out. After that I put it back together and it started, but was running too rich, and would not lean out. To be absolutely sure I still had a carb problem, I turned the fuel valve off while the mower was running. Sure enough, as it started running out of fuel, it leaned out and started to run correctly before surging (and starving out of fuel).

That tells me that there is still a seating problem in the carb in my BACK to Lubbock we will go (1.5 hours one way).....UGGG. I should probably mention, and will now recommend at this point, that yall shut the fuel valves off when done mowing each yard. For the first few months I had the mower, it wasn't necessary but now with the latest issue, it might be something worthwhile to prevent problems similar to mine.
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