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Originally Posted by razor1 View Post
wilsonbh, you picked a good time to buy. Mower sales are beginning to drop off pretty good right now. 635hrs, are low hrs for the Toro...actually, why are they so low? Anyway, make the guy a low offer, he just might bite!
Oh, one more thing, Exmark & Toro sell 2 to 1 over any other brand...just sayin'.
Has it quit raining in your area, my dealer is in the lower Piedmont of NC; about 6 miles from SC, and is still selling mowers like there is no tomorrow. Their sales are wide open to the point they have never seen it so strong at this time of the summer. We are usually somewhat dry by now, but not this year, his sales are through the roof.

His business portrays the look of someone with high priorities where lawn maintenance is concerned, as can be seen in the link below.
Farm Mower
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