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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
That edger is impressive. You've got me really thinking now....
It took me 2 years to find a used one and I had to travel for it. After using it for a month or however long I've had it, I would say it is absolutely worth the $1,800 they cost new to buy it new and not wait for a used one.

Decided to see what all this hype was about and we demoed a Walker yesterday...

Honestly....I hated the thing. I will say that it is the best cut and the best stripes I've ever seen, BUT all the bs that goes along with it sucks. I personally do not like the controls and how they are set up, for sure does not have the maneuverability of the Stander (whacked the grass bin on a fence and a couple trees), its SLOW, takes up twice the space on the trailer, and its twice as expensive as a Stander or other ZTR. I understand that its a marvel of engineering and that you're paying a lot of money for that, but all things considered its just not for me.
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