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Originally Posted by APLUS LAWN CARE View Post
I am wondering if there is anyone on here that could help me take a look at my business. It seems like this year has been really hard on me and I am beginning to question whether I even have a viable business. I don't run a large company, in fact I am working solo most of the time. Basically, it just seems like I bust my back every day and see very little returns for it. I don't know where I am going wrong (estimating, expenses too high, etc.).

If someone would be willing to PM and help me out a bit, I can send you copies of my financial records and more information about my company.

I would hire a business coach, but I don't got the money! That is the reason I am posting here.
I take a look at your information if you want to pm me stuff. I'm not the best for advice I struggle also but maybe I can help alittle bit. First thing first what do you struggle the most with?
Do you have enough work?
What do you make a day working?
How much are your expenses a month?
How many hrs you work a week?
Are you over extended with debt and or personal debt?
I honestly think being solo is the best bet financially I feel, especially if you have low overhead. You should be able to do well if your busy enough. Let's hear some info so we can give you some advice. Will be nice!
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