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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
cool, so the pressure switch is installed in the puffer & it comes with a harness to adapt to the ZTR?
No sir, the Puffer does not contain a seat switch (safety) they just supply a harness extension for your factory installed seat switch .

After running the Puffer for a few days now I find I'm saving a lot of time on my larger open areas. I can drive the mower full tilt in complete comfort where as before the ride was too harsh at full speed.

At slower speeds inside tight confines (gated tight yards) I keep the seat setting kinda soft. But a higher speeds that soft setting would bottom out. Today I was really focusing on the ride on a large open field and played around with settings and found a really nice setup. I found I could keep a softer setting at higher speeds by using my legs to hold a little upward pressure on the suspension over the rough areas. This made for a SUPER soft comfy ride as your really using the full range of suspension. The more I use the Puffer the more I wish I would have bought one years ago .
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