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Here's another one for you... I did fire that guy that the thread was originally about and now I am on to 2 others and am trying to figure out what to do.

What are your policies for calling in the day of and leaving early with little or no notice? Do you have tolerance of so many days and gone or let them keep working no matter how many days they miss?

This guy I hired in the middle of April has called in 8 days and left early 5 days without notice the day before or even in the morning but waits until he has to go to tell me he is leaving. Some of the reasons he has missed work was because his belt broke on his truck, his babysitter was sick, water pipe broke in the basement, tripped over the dogs leash and went to ER for sprained wrist missing 3 days (still hasn't given the doctors note yet). Has left early one day because he and his wife were in a fight, and this week he left early three days for dentist appts. Will be calling the dentist office to find out if he has been going.

Today just put me over the edge when we were ready to leave for lunch, says to me that he isn't going since he has to leave at 1 for a dentist appt. I kind of flipped out on him since he should drove separate so he wouldn't have to take one of the trucks home. And said now we have to drive back and make the extra trip to pick up the truck again. Then he doesn't even come back to work after the appt.

The customers have been asking me each day if everyone will be coming to work the next day and feel embarrassed to tell them the reasons and how sporadic they show up particularly on the job we have been doing this past 2 weeks.

The other guy I hired about a month ago has missed 3 or 4 days because he has anxiety attacks and can't drive or work. But he is much better at giving me notice.
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