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It's raining and I'm bored so I'll play show and tell time.

Bought a new truck a few weeks ago, it's a left over chevy 2500 with a western v plow. I had one demand, it had to be silver, I've always wanted silver and since I was buying new it had to be. It took like three weeks but I finally got them to the price I wanted, I got them down 16k off sticker. When I was leaving I saw they had a 2011 with 10K miles on it for 4k more with no plow, made me feel like I did good lol. At first I wasn't sure on chevy because of their front axle but the new ones seem way overbuilt, plus the LS motor is the best gasser out there in my eyes. Ford's gas motor was a dog when I drove it, I wasn't too happy with it's power, that's why I didn't go with another ford. So far I like it, gets about 15mpg with me driving like an old lady, I pulled a dump trailer totaling 10K lbs for a few days and it did great, had plenty of power to do it.
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