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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
I'd still go with what I said before. The gravely was like a 5.5k mower and the toro would be like a 9k. Your going to put less hrs on the toro and it already has less hrs.
OK, you are in sinc with three others that recommend the TORO over the GRAVELY. My first choice was the TORO but the GRAVELY seemed to have the good reputation. I want something reliable and trouble free for at least another 1000 hours.

Seems the 2004 vintage is no issue then? The Gravely is a 2009 and it has only 120 hours more than the Toro. It has the smaller deck though.

I plan to buy one or the other Monday morning. I only have 1.25 acres to mow and the TORO may be too big for that.

This has become a difficult decision!!!!

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