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rooting depth

How deep are your roots?
I wanted to know. But...its not easy. Soil temp was about 87 during our recent hot spell. My lawn is irrigated. Grass species: blue, rye and fine fescue. Soil core samples were taken with a 7/8 inch soil probe. Sandy loam soil.

If the cores were rinsed with a gentle stream of water...the roots appeared to be no more than 1 inch deep. If the cores were shaken gently by hitting the soil probe on the left fist...same result.
If the core was simply tipped over onto concrete, the cores remained mostly intact, but the sparse roots, if any were visible at all, were very tiny and thin. They were fine as hair.

I am not sure if this is a suitable method to measure root depth--or--if roots are just very shallow a this time of year. The same method was used to core a clump of tall fescue--with the same result.
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